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Need experts opinion!

It has been 3 months since I started this journey on Fiverr and I have gotten better with the wishes of my superiors but I didn’t know much when I started this journey so I started with a shared IP from my internet service provider but now I am very scared to see others. If my account is suspended. Now if I tell my ISP to make my IP a single IP, will my account be suspended? I would like the opinion of experts.


There are several Sellers who used shared networks, and a shared IP is only one of the ways Fiverr detects fraud. If you want to be sure, ask CS directly through a ticket or their email if you want to be sure.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I will definitely mail to CS <3

@imagination7413 Agreed. :heart:

Who are your “superiors”?

Basically yes, if Fiverr finds more than one account from an IP, there is a possibility of getting banned.

I recommend you to contact Fiverr CS about this issue. Also you can request a “static IP” from your ISP. In my country, it costs extra $8/month for the static IP, but it’s really worth than using a shared/dynamic IP.