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Need explanation


Hi, guys i don’t understand what is happening here my impressions suddenly increase upto 4k but next day its drop



That probably has to do with the frequent rotations of gigs on the Fiverr gig listings. The day when you suddenly had 4K impressions, your gig would have probably shown on the home page of Fiverr for many Fiverr users. Either that or it would have ranked high in the gigs listed in the category to which your gig belongs.


It happens to all of us.


It happens to all of us.

Not to me. My impressions don’t go above 100 in any day for any gig in the last 30 days. :cry: Impressions were a lot higher in July (>1000).


Sorry to hear that. Each gig is different, my TV gig gets 10 to 20 impressions per day, with a record of 63 impressions. I haven’t had any orders in the last 30 days. Ironically, it has made me $600 since I created it.