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Need Feedback on a Pricing Thing for a Job


Okay, this client hired me to write a business profile at x dollars.He loved it. He now wants me to re-write 5 pages of web content. I told him his content was fine and just needed some cleaning up of grammar and rephrasing of things.

His website is 3000 words, and that would cost x dollars according to the word count I go by.

But, I am not really creating totally new content. Thus, I want to price it a little lower. So, we negotiated down $40 off the price I quoted. Then he said he would contact me in two weeks or less. I am afraid he will not come back, so…

I am thinking of offering him a price of my premium package for this job since I really am not doing any major rewrite work. That price is for 1500 words, even though all his content is 3000 words.

I was thinking of saying, I want to be fair, here is the lowest I am willing to go because you are a repeat buyer and I am not doing heavy re-writing. If you accept by Friday, I will do it for X (my premium package price). If not, it will be the x we agreed upon.

My fear is he will not come back. I have heard that before.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


If you made that offer, maybe add the qualifier that you are making the offer because you are not as busy at the moment, but it will not last because you could get busy or something to that effect. :wink:


Is it possible that he needs a proper rewrite as his content is copied from someone else? It is a common requirement for people. Make sure to confirm that before taking it on.

If you want to offer a lower price, and it is light work as you suggested, then go for it - you can give a reason like Vickie suggested or simply say “on reflection, I felt it was fairer to do this for…”


Yes, a rewrite because his content is copied from someone else take more work than just “cleaning up” content. :wink:


It was a cost issue. As soon as I offered the lower price at my premium gig price, he said send an offer. I did, now waiting for him to pay. I put two day expiration on the offer cause I want to do it over the weekend when I have more time, and I told him so.


Would you be willing to ask what your client’s actual budget is and then make an offer close to that if it’s something you’re willing to do?


Thanks Emer. Great point.


It will give your client back some control over the process, but you can still renegotiate pricing when you have an idea what the budget is and go from there and it’s more likely that they will return for more business with you