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Need feedback on project submitted for review, but person refuses to reply

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginning writer and have been looking for a developmental editor. I found someone I thought would be a good fit. She was eager to work with me…or so I thought. She was very aggressive in getting my business. She asked me to send her my document for review. She told me she started reviewing the document and that she wanted the job and would be willing to work out the gig details. She claimed she started working on it even before I purchased the gig. Stupid me, right? Why would she work on a document she wasn’t paid for? I’ve been emailing her countless times, but get no reply except for on June 15, which was her last reply after I asked her how things were going. Again, I was willing to purchase gig(s). I just wanted to know how much she’d charge.

Yesterday, I emailed her again and told her if she wasn’t willing to do the job, let me know. Crickets. I’m concerned that she might steal my work. I know that I was stupid to let go of my document, but I trusted her. She wanted my business.

What do you guys think? What should I do?

Thanks, everyone!

Have you contacted Customer Support? They should be able to help you out here, I think.

I have a question though. How many times have you purchased her gigs? If you have a current order going on with her, you can always go to the Resolution Center and cancel it, citing the “Seller is unresponsive” option. You will get this order’s funds back. But if you’re afraid or if you’re suspecting that she may have stolen your work, I think the best option is to write a detailed report to Customer Support asking them to help you out. Hope this was helpful!

She is probably just someone who realized she couldn’t actually do what she promised and panicked. To protect yourself, though, what you can do is to publish the document you sent her on a blog, a site or even a Facebook page. You don’t have to make it public, just put it online somewhere with a time/date stamp and your business name. Once in a while you can check on Copyscape to see if it’s been published somewhere else without your permission.

If it has, you’ll have the proof you need to file a takedown notice to the person and their ISP. Overall, though, I think you can just find another person and be careful to choose someone who is solid and go at it the right way from the start. The seller you contacted is unlikely to do anything but refuse to communication. You can also look at her profile and see how long it’s been since she delivered any work to anyone. If it has been awhile, she may not even be active on Fiverr anymore. Good luck!

The problem with contacting customer support is that I didn’t purchase a gig. I tried to, but she never gave me the information I requested. That’s why I kinda feel some way about this whole thing.

Thank you so much for this! I agree. I think it was over her head.

At this moment, I am trying to find someone else. I noticed that she has one project in the queue, but her last completed project was about a month or so ago. Most of the time, her email status says, “Away.”

I’ve learned a lesson. I will be more careful the next time.