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Need fiverr Gig tips

Any suggestion for my SEO-based gig. here is the gig:

Thanks in advance.



Extra zeros?

Change the topic category, use the pen icon on the right and put this in to Improve my GIG section.

Thank you.


Currently, it would be “EXACTLY 2 POSITIVE REVIEWS” to be fully accurate and would require updating the image every time they receive a review. :laughing:

Maybe planning way ahead?


thanks for your suggestions.

i don’t get it what you wanna try to say

You currently have 2 reviews total on your seller account. The image in your gig states that you have “almost 200 positive reviews.”

Marinapomorac made the comment that are the extra zeros a typo in the image.

I made the comment that if the image were to be accurate, it should state “Exactly 2 positive reviews” and would have to be updated every time you receive a review.

ok,got it . thank you. . …

I suggest you to read this article and change your keywords in your gig.