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Need for advice - How many revision included and how much to charge for additional revisions?


I’m about to offer gigs in logo design and in voice over. I want to add a revision policy - how many gigs would you recommend to offer included and how much to charge for additional? ( i.e 1 revision included in base gig, buy 2 more revisions for $5 ? )

For logo design, I’d include one ‘minor revision’ in the base gig (i.e changing font, colors etc), and charge $5 per major revision (i.e something that involves redesigning most of the logo, provided the buyer’s original instructions were followed the first time around.)

I personally offer 1 free revision and allow 2 more after that for an additional $5 each (unless I made a boo-boo; then I’ll waive the fee)

I usually offer UNLIMITED revisions. i think you can as well offer unlimited and this way clients will choose you among your competitors

For my logo design gig, I include 1 revision as part of the basic $5 gig and then an extra $5 for every revision after that. High quality work deserves to be paid for, even if it is not to the buyer’s individual satisfaction… but I do offer a free revision if I’ve made a mistake.

Be wary of unlimited revisions, buyers will take advantage of the fact that there is no limit and the amount of work you get from one order could leave you out of pocket.

In my opinion , as i am still new arrival and my review have to be good i give unlimited revisions until the customer is satisfied to give me a good review till i reach lvl 1 and got a good numbers of good review then i’ll give just 2 revisions for free then i’ll start to make it for 5$ for another two
Just it but as a new member give unlimited revisions ^^

I don’t necessarily specify how many revisions
a buyer is entitled to. I actually make provision
for unlimited revisions but take the time to
deliver quality in every gig.

My personal experience is that once the
service is good, buyers hardly ask for revisions.

I offer one free revision for my sound design services, till now it works I didn’t have much request for more than one revision and if it happens I may get a new order.


I think you need to limit your revisions. Advertising unlimited revisions can be taken as an indication that your work is of little value.

I usually offer UNLIMITED revisions

I am offering unlimited revisions but some clients really a headache with this

I usually offer 1 revision. Especially if it is my mistake. All the less I would charge after the first revision.

@meodesigns I agree. I am offering unlimited too, some are okay and just ask for really minor revisions but some really take advantage of it even wanting to ask to add things they didn’t ask for in the beginning. But it’s few here and there but those are the ones that only pay the $5 and those jobs are the ones that take more time.

Offering unlimited revisions may give you problems later,especially with too much orders. I think fiverr is all about customer service though, so give as much revisions as you can. But I do just two revisions per buyer…

I think as you are building brand reliability and service, you could opt for unlimited revisions - i would keep a log of the work you have done and how many times you’re asked to revise and use this as a benchmark. If you’re asked 5 times by every customer then as an average use this as a number of modifications you’ll offer. Definitely recommend you state somewhere how many mods you offer - to avoid disappointment either for you or your customer.

I offer unlimited revision but usually the order was complete then after 2 or more days they come back and ask for minor/major revision. So sad for the seller’s time but for me the great satisfaction of the client is more important so they keep coming back

I offer one free post delivery revision, if buyer needs more then I suggest him or her to order more gigs.
I can’t understand how someone can offer unlimited revision…

My minimum order limit is $30 and I offer satisfaction guaranteed and unlimited free updates, even if after a year some text needs to be changed.

I always use a personal approach and go very far for my clients, but if for some reason I don’t like him I just cancel the sale without discussion. Don’t waste time on freeloaders/poor instructions/lack of communication/difficult people.

I think No need to Offer unlimited revisions in your basic gig. Just Offer one revision if you can do. Because on fiverr some buyers are like so choosy. they judge your work at his personal level not official or professional way. so we can not ever make happy like these type of clients.
may be you will get my point… Good Luck


Reply to @besttrafficserv: I agree, you should always deliver the best service and quality of work that you can.

But I think buyers will feel increased satisfaction in knowing how many revisions a gig provides. So by not specifying this information, its opens up the possibility of a clash between the buyer and seller.