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Need Friends related my field

I am professional graphic designer and interior designer. I need friends related my field, I also want to share my story how i earn $1000 in one day.

You only earned $300 in one day in your last post. You topped that up quickly. :thinking:


Yes i Earn 1000$ today i think fiverr promoting me.

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Well, your most pricey gig package is $40. In this case, a conservative estimate would say that you’ve delivered 25 x 40 orders in the last 24-hours.

In this case, you better spill the beans and give us the secret to your incredible success, or someone is going to suggest that you’re a big fat liar. :thinking:

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I think fiverr has a option of custom offer.

You think?

It’s pretty easy what you do here. You said you wanted to tell your story. In this case, tell it. How did you make $1,000 today? How many orders did you complete to make that amount? How did you manage such projects out of the blue?

Most businesses would love to know how to scale to a point where they can treble their income in 24-hours without major disruption.

Please, enlighten everyone with the secret to your phenomenal sales success over the past 24-hours.

Or do you just want lots of people to congratulate you?


Very fishy post, sure, but making $1000 in a day is simple - sell something for $1000 that you can make in less than 24 hours.

For some areas this is more doable than for others, of course.

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A certain phrase involving no and Sherlock comes to mind. :wink:

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Well, there you go, then. Most business will love that information!

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Not really. If you sell car tires and someone has a brainwave that you can make $1,000 per tire just by charging $1,000, you’ll be out of business before the week is out.

Even if you have tires worth $1K, you still need a perception of quality, That means that people expect something to take longer than 24-hours to deliver if you are making it from scratch.

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to scaling a business. However, I am well aware that there are certain products that it is easy to flog for $1k or more with minimal work involved. All I don’t see is the OP selling anything on that level.

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Just like all those FB ads that say you can work from home and earn $100,000 per month! Um, nope, no one is. All lies, unless you’re Stephen King, and I heard his publisher is now for sale, so he probably won’t even be making that soon.

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His son is doing really well, though! My personal dream is to one day spawn my own author, before dismantling my publishing empire to make way for their success.

Sadly, I still have to write a best seller myself to get the ball rolling. :thinking:

But yes, I’m not sure what the OP is doing here. All I asked was for them to share their story. Then they went quiet as a mouse.

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Assuming this were true, why would you want to share this super-secret with others who might potentially be your competitors?.. thereby eroding your profit potential.

I’d be holding onto that secret like grim death! :sunglasses:

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