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--Need Gig Help


I am not getting buyers on my gig


I’m sorry to hear that. Hang in there. Work hard, promote your gig, and you may find your fortunes rise over time.


I doesn’t look like your gigs are live on your profile?


You have logo gigs, how are you different from the other hundreds of users offering same gig?

I am asking you a question, not as an attack but that you have to recognize that you have to make your gigs stand out over others.

Did you share your gigs on your social media? If you have a website, did you write a blog post about your gigs?

You can’t just create gigs and do nothing afterwards.


I do writing gigs for articles and such, how do you suggest I differentiate myself from others that do the same or similar things to my gig?



Do you have any gigs?


I can create a powerfull creative poster for your GIG. It will increasely boost your sales because of eye catching and high quality as well as colorfull and friendly) Take a look at my gigs and let me know if you would like it! :tophat: Recruitingeek


Sorry for the late reply but yes I have one. I don’t know if it’s good for attracting customers because it’s very broad in what it offers.