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Need GIG suggestion

I’m planing to create my first gig. So suggest me some necessary things which are good for a gig.

Very good but you have to decide in advance what subject you will open the gig on, for example, you study the rules about what kind of gig opening. It will take a lot of role for your career. Thanks

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Here is my suggestions that you may want to do before creating your first gig:

  1. Read TOS
  2. Follow this

Good guideline here

Good luck!


@blavaro nice share :+1:

Why would anyone do that?

If someone gave you an idea, then a bunch of other people would do it too and you’d have too much competition to sell.

And why would anyone advise you to make a gig without knowing what your skillset is? Are you going to make a gig regardless if you are proficient in it just because someone in the forum told you to? Really?

Also, it’s YOUR responsibility to figure out your business. We’re not here to do your homework for you. This is a lazy question.

Why do people think the forum is here to do their research for them?


You are right that you need to study to get some skills up here

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