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Need gig suggestions

Hello Fiverr community!

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I think this looks good but personally I think its not good idea to proofread someone’s thesis !
Thesis are academic work for Ph.D students and fiverr prohibits working on some one’s academic work !

I am not so sure if proofreading and editing is just like working on some one’s academic works, But I would rather suggest you edit your gig and remove any service you are offering that is directly or indirectly connected to academic work !

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My thoughts are that this entire gig is breaking Fiverr’s ToS.

It’s against ToS to do academic work for buyers. Offering to edit someone’s thesis counts as that.

You should read through the ToS when you have some time - you literally had to agree to it before you could start selling.

Edit: It’s also against ToS to use images you don’t own as your profile picture. Yours is a stock image. Even if you purchased it (which I doubt), you’re still using it to misrepresent your identity.