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Need give more like for fiverr post..for id promote

Hello all member …How are you All? …I am taling you to give more like and replay to promote your id…I always give like and replay so all are give ok
bye all

Mod Note: Following this advice will get you suspended, just like the OP.

Hello, members!
How are you? I’m requesting you to give more ‘likes’ and more responses, in order to promote your ID on the forum.
I always ‘like’ and reply to posts. Therefore, I’m currently out of hearts.
Goodbye, everyone!

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I suspected that was what you were doing with your replies and now you have said it clearly.
Self promotion and spamming the forum is against the rules and will result in suspensions or banning from the forum as has happened to the OP.


Bye… Please don’t spam once you’re allowed back.


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