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Need Good Luck? I can help you alot

I have a gig where I professionally cast real good luck spells to people who need it. It helps with lotteries, Gambling and Business. If your Fiverr isn’t doing well why not try my spell to boost up alot of orders.


I wish I had the money to buy this so I can get Fiverr orders but I need Fiverr Orders to do that lol


If I were you, I would cast a spell for myself to win a lottery and then be rich and no longer need to be at marketplaces !!!

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I live in a country without lotteries so Its difficult. And I don’t find satisfaction in money, I know by experience when I did use a spell on myself, I like helping people. I just need the money for materials. Oh and I like my job as a farmer, I wouldn’t want to be rich and have to retire.

Here is a deal. Do your gig free for me and then I will win a lottery and buy 100 of your gig(s) & I’ll still have a lot of money left for myself.

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I would need the money for materials to do the spell haha

But, as per your profile, you are in the United states, Are you sure there are no lotteries in the United States ? There are lots …
no lotteries

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Oh, I’m not fromm the US I think I forgot to change that setting

Yes, better to correct your “From” location in Fiverr, as it is surely a policy violation as per Fiverr TOS.

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Oh I’ll get on that then

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You could use it for yourself in order to make your first sale.

This is hilarious :slight_smile:

Hi. Just a friendly reminder incase you forgot (again) to correct your “From” location (country) in your Fiverr profile, as it still incorrectly (as per you) shows United States.
I just check 1 minute ago and thought of giving you a friendly reminder.
no lotteries

Under ususal circumstances, only CS can change the OP’s location. Users cannot change their location themselves.

OK, so users CAN contact Fiverr support and correct their location : that is great. Hope this helps mrjinn

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I believe in this sort of magic, I cast a love spell two years ago and I make her to fall in love with me. One month ago I was looking for casting a lottery spell. Why not, to get some money. Moreover, I have no job, I thought this is the best idea. I was right, I won 2000$. Good beginning I said, why not to try smth new. Maybe to get a job and earn more than 4000 as I said will be good for a unemployed. I believe that it will work. If smb is interested in the same stuff check the link below.