Need good suggetion!


Here is having senior persion,Please i need suggetion…
My profile:
first i got good order.My services was client satisfication,that’s why i got good rating.
But now last 1-2 month didn’t good response from new client and not there any order.I am very dissapointed there.
Now, What should i do?
Please check my profile or gig, what a need do change for my profile ??


Most of your reviews are from the same buyer - it looks odd.

Use buyer requests to find buyers who are looking for your services, and get some more reviews from different buyers.


Hi there, I have just checked out your profile.
Your gig looks very detailed and descriptive, which is a great start.
However, looking at the reviews you’ve had, these seem to be just one person.

If you haven’t had any more orders, the best thing to do as said above is to go to Buyer Requests (Selling > Buyer Requests.) You could also try promoting on social media platforms, this works so much better than just on Fiverr itself. Try asking family members or friends to check out your gigs, tell them what you offer as this is an easy way of getting orders and reviews.
It can be difficult at first to reel in sales, as there are alot of similar sellers on Fiverr. Just make sure what you offer is different and unique compared to others, and for a better price. :relaxed:

Good luck with getting more orders . :yum: