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Hi Sir i have 4 year experience about graphic designing

Hi rahulgraphics this isn’t the best way to promote your services :slight_smile: and I take a look at your works and they look far from being the best ones so it’s better to be more creative and find out more original ways to promote your self. I want to tell khanbrother231 that it’s very bad if you have 4 years experience and still design like that, no matter how many years you are in the field show your works that’s matter.

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Please do check the date of post before commenting… I was new to this platform by then.

The work is already rated by the buyers. :wink:

I am seller too. You are hitting in the wrong direction. :innocent:

I have a very simple question I hope you can help and describe me how to 1. make the space the same I mentioned the space with the red arrows I hope you as a real professional can tell me how to make the similar spacing so they could exact match and the second one 2. how to make correct radius for 2 red mentioned angles to make them look correct? for the best designer I think not be a problem to substantiate the theory, thanks

Yes but you didn’t explain the process and the result you give isn’t correct I don’t understand why you put the variant with the dotted lines not sure how it can help. I just ask you for a help so you can just tell how to do that in the example of my artwork not putting the new ones with different size and radius. I will follow your advice and ask for more skilled sellers about this, thank you for your help have a nice day

See attached!!

Please let’s stop in this step :slight_smile: I don’t understand how this connected with my question? anyway let’s forget about please. You did a fantastic job, you are the best, thank you