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Need Guidance from experienced Fiverr freelancers

I bade on a project three days ago and the client accepted my buyer request. I don’t know if I should accept this order now, I haven’t started the order yet i.e. I still have to confirm the requirements to start to project. PLEASE GUIDE ME IF I SHOULD ACCEPT IT OR NOT? And how should I deliver it? Also, as this is supposed to be a call; what should I submit to the client as delivery? Lastly, if I shouldn’t accept it then how should I close it without hurting the client’s expectations?

The following is the Buyer Request of the client.
Looking for Fiverr sellers who would be interested in answering a couple of questions about their selling expereince as freelancers, conducted over a calling platform. All your information and your response will be kept confidential. Please let me know if you are interested! You will be paid for 17 CAD!

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Should I start this order?

  • Yes, go for it
  • BIG NO!!


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Why did you put in a bid, if you weren’t comfortable with fulfilling the requirements?


I figured I could ask the client to answer all the questions in a word file so I asked her and she sent me word document containing questions so I answered them. Got 5 stars!