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NEEd Guide from Top Sellers

I’am working on fiverr since february and It’s been a fabulous journey !

My stats:

  1. Completed 260+ Orders.
  2. 170+ Reviews.
  3. 95% Positive Rating.
  4. Level 2 Seller.
  5. Earned $1700+ Total.

    MY QUESTION is , Now when I’ve achieved a Great Success here, I’am not getting Orders, My top weeks goes $300 , but from last 3 weeks, I don’t even received a Single Order…

    Need Valuable Suggestions of Seniors…

    Thanks & Regards,

    M. Amir ( Head of Adobe_Designers )

You asked for help, so I’m going to give you my honest opinion. I just clicked on your profile and looked at it for literally ten seconds and I noticed your problem. The grammar, even in your gig titles, is off. It’s obvious that English isn’t your first language, and that’s okay! I respect that you can speak more than one language. However, you should hire someone to fix it up and correct it for you. I didn’t even look at your gig descriptions, but based on your gig titles and this post, I think spending $20 to have someone proofread/rewrite your gigs would be a great investment. Your English grammar has absolutely nothing to do with your logo design services, however, it will absolutely turn people away to find someone else when they see errors. Right off the bat I will tell you that your gig title: “I will design a AWESOME logo in just 6 hours for $5” should be “an” instead of "a."

Hope this helps!

Thanks a Lot !

I’ve Just realized after your comment that it is My Biggest weak Point , and Yes I will definitely hire someone to do it, don’t care how much they will charge for this purpose…




Be really careful with your feedback satisfaction rating. You need to keep it as close to 100 as you can. Don’t let there be any reason someone would not order from you!