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Need help! 3 months in fiver and only two orders

guys i have 3 months in fiverr and i only recieved 2 orders
can u check my gig and give me some pro tips
thanks in advance


same this preoblem for me

The same problem for me, too

There are so many freelanchers who didn’t get any order for long time. So don’t lose hope. Wait passionately


I know this can be frustrating, but I can guarantee that it will get better at one point. When I started my Fiverr account, I didn’t get any order for 3 months as well (literally 0). Then someone contacted me because they managed to find me in the search and the first order went through. As a newbie of course it took me some time to increase the amount of orders, but eventually I managed to reach Level 1 and a few months later I got the Level 2 badge. The more orders you complete the more you will rank in the search. You could also promote your gigs on social media to see if that helps.

It’s definitely not an easy, nor quick ride, but if you already completed a couple orders and if they went well you may get another soon. There might be dead moments even if you got a higher level, sometimes. Just keep trying, I was losing hope myself, but it got better!

yeah, getting the same issue