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Need help about completed order and client requested refund!

hey there , need help!! i created a logo for client with 1 revision and the client liked the logo but used a revision to change the font (only) and then i did it and he liked it and made a good review for me and he is on Fiverr since (2013) and texted me inbox for another details and did it even the order was completed with the revision. Then after 1 hour or 30min another person texted me inbox from another account and said he is his partner and wanna make me do a simple thing in logo like moving a word alittle bit. i did and then he said “no it’s not working” i wanna make a full revision and he want me to recreate the logo without a new order !!! and he said that “his partner ( who created the order and liked it and left a perfect feedback to me ) is new on Fiverr ( also i said he is on fiverr since 2013 ) and he just completed the order to be just nice with me” , certainly it does not make a sense ! should i expect that when someone accept the order and like it and did a perfect review that he is just doing that to be nice with me ??.

  • i talked with fiverr team and they told me that if he need a new revision so he welcome to set a new order and it’s done ,
  • Now the main buyer who make the order came back and texted me about remaking the logo and that he is sorry about the way of his partner’s talking with me.
    and he requested “social media kit” that was included is the package but i did not delivered it to him when he paid for the package , so i said to be in the safe side i should make the social media kit for him , and yes i told him about some info related to social media kit designs and he told me that "listen can you make a remake for the logo instead of the social media kit ? " i said no it will be just social media kit but he offered to remake the instead of social media kit for a small fee and i will not have to make the social media kit.
  • i said ok i will remake it without any fee that will be for free ( remaking logo instead of social media kit ) and he accepted then i remade the logo and he requested editing and i did it too and then he requested more edits so i said i will not do anymore .
    when i said i will not do anything again he changed and said that " okay i tried to go to the easy way but now the refund is coming , thank you" .
    i told him that you will not get a refund
    he said that " The Fiverr team will get involved" !!!
  • so it’s totally unfair if he get back the refund! he is a scammer and liar , what should i do ??? i made a request for Fiverr team and the replied with not useful reply
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First warning sign. Never discuss orders with an account other then the one that placed it.

Your post is very confusing. Could you please edit it, and break it up into paragraphs?


i edited it now please check and help me

We are all just sellers here on the forums, same as you are. You’ve notified Fiverr CS, so it’s in their hands now - you’ll just have to wait and see what they say.

Contact Please the fiverr support group… :+1:

You are being scammed.

There are no two buyers—this just one person using multiple accounts.

If you delivered and got money, block them both. Also if you get another order from new buyer that talks like this one report it immediately to CS and ask for cancelation without affecting your account.