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Need help about getting first order

Hi everyone! I’m Robert and as you may or may not know I’ve already created a similar topic about this, but I just wanted to ask how can I improve more and how can I get my first order/buyer? I am a long Fiverr member, currently, I have 4 active gigs, more than a month passed and didn’t receive even a message.

This is my 1st gig and this is my 2nd gig (with most views and impressions).

Any feedback will be appreciated, thank you!

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For your first gig. The fire doesn’t display very well on my phone. It’s hard to make out what it actually is. Personally I think your second picture of the boy would be better as the first picture. I would recommend using a different portfolio picture than the fire and checking what it looks like displayed on a phone if you can. This is just my opinion though.

Your neon sign gig is a nice idea. I think your second picture on that one is more eye-catching compared to the first due to the colours you have used.

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I just thought of something else. Maybe people don’t come into Fiverr looking for a neon sign but would choose it if they saw it. Maybe instead of wasting your search terms on “for you or your company” try to add in logo design or something.

Thank you for your feedback @siobhan_ellis !

Weird about fire thing because on my phone it all displays well, but I’ll try to fix it if I can in any way. Yeah, I could try using my second picture as the first main picture, not sure should I just swap them or put second as first and change that fire to something else.

Well, for the second gig I put the version with and without wires so people can have a vision what it could look like.

Again, thank you so much for the reply! (This is answer for the first reply)

Do you mean I should just put something like “I will create a unique logo for you”?

No, still use neon sign just in case but what about something like I will “design a neon sign company logo”.

Or “make a neon sign company logo design”. It rhymes if it fits :joy:

Add the bit about for your personal use or for your company in your bio.

You would then hopefully appear if someone searched company logo or logo design.

An interesting one for sure :joy: ! Well, should I put the company in the title or in the description because it can be both (if someone wants for themselves or for their company)?

It’s up to you, I’d hope an individual would be smart enough to realise that you make logos for anyone and not just companies.

I imagine an individual would search for logo or logo design and a company would search for company logo or company logo design. You would hopefully appear in all combinations.

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Business is another option instead of company. Maybe look to see what other search terms people are using. Particularly those with active orders.

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Well yeah, true, it’s really not difficult to realize that. I will probably put something like “design a neon sign company logo” and put that it can be for personal use in the description just in case :joy:

Changes have been made, thank you @siobhan_ellis .


Good luck. I hope you get your first order soon.

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Much thanks! I hope too!

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Find targeted buyers for your niche related on gig. You will do start gig marketing I hope you get more and more orders.


@rajumpc20 in which way do you mean exactly “Find targeted buyers…”, like with tags or?

Thank you for your reply!
Best regards!

Huge buyers are present on Social platfrom

They are, yeah, thanks.