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Need help about gig

I have uploaded my gigs but I can’t see how many people view or click my gig. Please help me.


Go to top Navigation Click on Seller->gigs So you will see your all gig, click it and see at the bottom.

Cheer you!


Yes I did that but is there any rules like after upload a gig when it’ll show the numbers of the people that were see my gig? Or after uploading the gig instantly it’ll show the numbers those who check or click my gig?

Yeah, you can when you click on the gig.

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I think you have no view, click etc. you need to share your gig on social site and even put 5 tags within your gigs. Search about your category tags and use it.

Remove you image or crop it, your email address is getting leack.

Don’t understand : 'Remove you image or crop it, your email address is getting leack."

In the above image you have opened your gmail that is appear in tab So, Remove it.

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ok thanks dev. But if the gmail open than what would be the problem?

This problem was may be that If some malicious knew your email from this image which you deleted, that this person using fiverr You may be lost your full fiverr income which you earned by working working then what will be the consequence. you can suppose it?

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I Got a message from discobot from fiverr.
I don’t know is it helpful or malicious?

Discobot is genuine.

If you don’t want emails from the Fiverr forum to end up in your inbox, you can turn off email notifications in your forum preferences.

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