Need help about Grammar. Sand Sclupture of your portrait is free for you as thanks


this is the description i want you to correct :


Welcome to My Gig Everybody :slight_smile:


I’ve been a sand sculpture fanatic for nearly 7 years now, and have been traveling around the planet building them professionally for about 3 of those years.

I will send you

the image of sand sculptures of your character/photo. Not the statue itself. Due to weight of this stuff (around 700 grams).

Better to send your picture front and back, So I can make it all part of your head. Keep in mind, It might be not 100% same, just similar 70%-80% as it made from sand/ground.

url :



I have been a sand sculpture fanatic for 7 years now, and have spent 3 of those years traveling around the globe building them professionally.

This Gig includes: 1 High Quality picture of a sand sculpture created in the image of your character / photo. Sculpture will be of the head only, not full body. (Does not include the sculpture itself - only the image of the sculpture created for you)

Requirements: Send your pictures with front and back views, so I can include all angles of the head. Keep in mind, the sculpture is my interpretation of the image you send and is made from sand so it will not be an exact copy. See my sample images for examples of my work.

Thank you