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Need help about my gig ranking

I have created a gig on fiverr and if I see the first time my gig ranking is in new arrivals 5th page which is good for me but Today I will see That my gig is in a 13th page from new arrivals. I want to ask from you what I can do for rank my gig to the previous position

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Fiverr does not – and will likely never – share the details of their search algorithm, because that would allow nefarious sellers to game the system. Fiverr is very strongly anti-cheating, and giving away the secrets of how the search system works would allow some users to cheat the system. That being said…

No one can tell you how to manipulate the rankings.

If you want to improve your CHANCES of being seen higher in the search results, then you are going to have to deliver great work, on time, that earns positive buyer reviews. This does not guarantee a better ranking, but it might improve your chances.


Thanks for your help