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Need Help about Payment

Hello guys, I’m have applied for payment the first time on Fiverr about 36 hours ago, but I’m facing issue on “Fiverr Revenue Card” is unable to clink and showing “Waiting for card issuer approval”. One of my friends told me that payment is ready to withdraw after 30 minutes…but there are 36 hours passed, I’m not getting any email, etc…Please tell me how much it took your time for the first time to withdraw your payment.

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“Fiverr Revenue Card” means here the Payoneer Master Card. If you already have a Payoneer account, you can ask them (Payoneer) to provide a card for you. Or If you have yet singed up for Payoneer, then signup for a Payoneer account and ask them to provide a card for you.
After the card arrived on your hand, you can then add your card on Fiverr.

Please check out this screenshot I have signed it.

Yes, I can understand. Do you have a Payoneer account?

Yes, I have Payoneer acc.

Okay, but I’m not sure. Do you have $5/$5+ on the “Available for Withdrawal”?

I have $113.6 in “Available for Withdrawal”

I’m no sure, It shouldn’t be. Talk to Fiverr support.

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Ok, Thank you very much.

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