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Need help about response rating and order completion rating

hello, everyone
my response rating and order completion rating is going down what should i do to increase this rating? i am not getting any order for two this rating going down because of not getting order or i am not getting order because of this low rating??

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Try to reply to your clients 1st msg as early as possible which will help you improve ur response rating n if possible try go intimate d client ur online timings.
I don’t know already u gained any orders or u are yet to make ur 1st order. Whatever d thing z keep going on n be on the divert forums as possible bcz it will help you gain awareness relating to smooth fiverr journey.
I hope this will be helpful n if possible try to watch u tube videos related to fiver gig sale boosting. Good day!:+1:

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thanks for your tip this is helpful

Keep QUICK RESPONSE list for these

  • Greeting Message

  • AFK Message - something like this

      Hey {username},
      Thanks for your message. 
      Unfortunately, I'm currently away from my computer so it's a little difficult for me to properly respond your query at this time.
      Give me a few hours and I'll personally get back to you on this. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

so when you are out you can reply to first message fast this way you can keep response time

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and what about order completion rating?

message me and i will reply back…your response rate will increase…