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Need help about revision

How much time I have to deliver the product. The client does not reply yet my queries. Please help

If the client not sending any response then deliver the work with the previous additional work. Sometime some client do like this. Make is delivered otherwise you will lose your delivery rate. If the client respond within 3 days you will tell him to make order in revision.


This is revision. The buyer sends it as a revision . For revision how much time I have? And why in time its show late?

When you create a new gig on that time you have to specify how much time you will take for a revision. If you have setup time for a revision then you have the answer otherwise who knows that you will take which amount of time for one revision.

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Thanks.Revision time for one day but in timing option why its showing late?Its came in morning.

if the buyer doesn’t respond on time, then you should deliver on time. After Delivered and time finished if the buyer asks for revision again then you should manage time extend to each other. or if the buyer not accept the time extend proposal. then deliver again. therefor, it not will affect your order completion rate.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

But why its showing late?Time not over yet so…

After Finished the delivery time within 24 hours or more the time initially it will be shown late. so, Follow up above my advised. Thank You.

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Thank you again :slight_smile:

Heartist welcome. Thank you.

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As long as your initial delivery was on time, that big ugly LATE in red doesn’t matter, and you’re allowed to take as much time as you need. However, don’t let the order stay in revision for more than a month, because after that, the things become more complicated.


Thanks @catwriter you give me the exact answer to my question. :heart: