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Need help about sells

Hi, i was one level seller and very closer for two level. very badly i was in a problem so i stopped for few months so i can’t completed some order. Now fiverr make me new seller for that case no sells even my gig view, click are all down no increase and i can’t see any buyer request. Yes, i have did gig marketing in social media but no increase. I am dispointed. Now what can I do? any suggestion for? Please help me out from this trouble.


What Gigs are you selling?

You can advertise on fb ads.

It’s the easiest way to reach out to your potential clients


logo, bannner, business card etc. yes i already advertise on fb but no increase.


If you were away from Fiverr for a while your stats are going to go down – because you weren’t active on the site. As much as you may not want to hear this, you might have to work hard to get your stats on the rise again. You can do this by marketing and promoting your gig, as well as ensuring that your gig itself has a great description, great title, awesome packages, and prices that your target customers are interested in paying.

Being a Fiverr seller is not easy. But, then again, like any business, it isn’t supposed to be.

Good luck as you work to become active again here on Fiverr!


thank you for your important advice


@jonbaas I spend at least 14 hours a day on Fiverr. I was the seller of level one, lost it since Fiverr revolution. Gig is always on the first page. Even then, only 2 gigs have been sold in the last months after the revolution. What should I do?


edit your gig description and images and packages also keep your account online

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If you have a good portfolio.
My point is good reviews in large quantities.
It’s easy to sell gigs on fiverr

Every Market Place has a business trend. Every year its changing. As you are a designer you have to find the products that are selling most now on your market place. You can try flyers, brochures and mobile app designs now.

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