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Need Help About TRS

Hi Everyone Hope you all doing Well .

I have Completed all the Requirements for TRS last month but Unfortunately I haven’t get a TRS Badge .Can you please tell me how can I increase my Chance to get TRS Badge this Time . I Would Really Appreciate . Thanks


TRS is not an automatic promotion when you meet all the metrics.

TRS are chosen manually by Fiverr staff. Some have met the requirements for years and have yet to be chosen.

So, it could be that you are chosen this month, next year or never. It is up to Fiverr. Only Level 1 and 2 are automatically given.


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So Dear any Idea ? What fiver mostly seen in our Profile ?

It is not up to us - Fiverr manually looks at certain Gigs that are up for TRS evaluation. For all you know, they don’t even look at your Gig that month, next month or next year.

If we had the insider track or tricks on what Fiverr looked for, wouldn’t that mean everyone who is eligible would suddenly be putting that in their Gig or trying to meet whatever that goal post was? I think they keep us in the dark so that we cannot game the system to become TRS.

I was TRS for a few years before the Level system came out and due to a 1% below the 90% in the messages metric - I lost my TRS level. I have not regained it in what, 3 years now? So, that tells you something!

What I can say is when I did get TRS, and I do not have ANY idea if this is a metric used now or if it was even a thing to determine I deserved it back then - but, I had an amazing month as far as orders and income were concerned. While I do not know if that is part of the puzzle now, I have to wonder, as I have had amazing months since and not regained my TRS status - all of my metrics have been at 100% (until last week when I had to cancel an order - first one in MONTHS), so I doubt I would be on any short list of promotion this month due to my order completion dropping to 97%.



This thread may have some information of interest to you.



That’s what they are looking for.

You need to be consistently excellent across the board.


What is TRS badge???

It’s the Top Rated Seller badge.