Need help about warning about "PAY" word


Please Help me with one of buyer asked he needs look out my designed and he will pay for it after i replied "OK can PAY me after i designed’s fine with me."

Fiverr warned it Reminder: Never accept or ask for direct payments. Doing so may get your account restricted.

But i meant to get fiverr ordering.not Direct payment or something like this.

So i want to get to know this , will it affect badly my gig status ormy account will be Banned??

Please share your experiences.Thank in advance allisusue


Badly? No. Banned? No.
It’s a automated thing, Fiverr messaging detects anyone who types in their emails or uses the word pay.

Just take it as a warning and be more careful around such words and don’t let it happen again.


Sounds sketch! :thinking:

First of all, why are you doing work before the Buyer place an ‘actual’ order?
You’re just asking to get ripped off or taken advantage off. The platform isn’t set up that way. The Buyer must first place the order and then you begin working on it.

Also, using the words pay, email, papaya, outside etc. are trigger words. Just avoid using those and you should be fine.


Hahaha, this made me laugh. I can see why it would be a trigger word.

Also, @nikavoice pointed out great stuff regarding this. Why would you want to do work before a buyer places an order? Fiverr CS will not be able to help you should the buyer not want to pay for your work.


Additional what @nikavoice said, just use “order” instead of pay.

You can order instead of you can pay…

But, as nika said, never work for free


Ok thanks for the this reply.!!


Ok i understand.this is a first time! he is a my repeat buyer and he had a some issue with his paypal. that’s why im get that way! thank you all for get this valuable advices! i’ll keep it my mind!