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Need Help abut ID Card Issues

***Hello Everyone, ***
I hope you are safe and secure. I have some questions about the Fiverr marketplace. If I verified my Fiverr account with my ID Card and unfortunately my account is being blocked. In this situation, I create another Fiverr account and Need to verifying my new account. So is it possible to verify with the same ID Card?

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Why was your account blocked in the first place?

Yes. It is against the TOS to create a second account (and especially if your first one was blocked) just to usurp or circumvent your first account being blocked. There was a reason Fiverr either blocked or banned your account. Obviously, when you go to validate the new account with your ID that you used already or even the same payment source, it will be flagged and you will have the new account banned or blocked as well.

All depends on why your account was blocked.


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If you verify using your ID card, your account won’t be blocked except you break fiverr rules

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Don’t ignore the advice from @genuineguidance as it is correct. @miles_graphics is mistaken. You can’t just cheat the system. You get one chance on Fiverr. If your account gets suspended, you can’t just create another one. That’s just trying to cut the system.

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Thanks for your advice, Is it possible to make another fiver profile with the same ID

As I have explained, no. You can’t make a new account now you’re first one got banned.


I don’t think so.fiverr won’t allow you to create new account if your account was blocked

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Thanks dear for your valuable feedback.

Thanks dear for your valuable feedback.