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Need help .... account restricted

Is there any seller who faced account restricted issue ??
I am very scared, can somebody help me ??

it is saying, your account is restricted
and I’ve got an email saying, account temporarily disabled
I just tried to initiate a payment, it asked for verifying phone, I done but it displayed, incorrecr code
but I entered right code everytime

can someone help me ??


You need to contact CS. We Forum users are only buyers and sellers.


Contact the CS explaining everything clearly, they must help you.

Can you still access your Fiverr dashboard ? If you can access, try to login with different browser (chrome/Firefox) by clearing all cookie & cache. Few days ago I had some similar varification issue, after I contact support I was able to fix my issue.


Not to worry , looks like for security reason your account was block. If clearing cache not work ,Contact support.

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