Need Help/Advice ASAP - Hacking on Fiverr?


I’m on my Fiverr account and I click on preview my gig and it takes me to another sellers page! I then click preview

my video and it takes me to the same page, so I’m guessing it would do this to anyone who clicks my gig…

The page it takes me to is - I will fragglesrock for $5

Username - fragglesrock

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any idea whats going on ?

Sheriff’s Note: Issue Resolved


Today I was also redirected to another user profile and no of order increases on their account, whenever i preview my gig… BUG FIVERR BUG.


Well it’s back to normal now but that was weird


Yep just checked, all normal again.


It’s happening to lots of sellers actually.