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Need Help and Suggestions from Older Sellers. (order complete and refund)

Lately… I’m facing a huge amount of orders. (huge for me, that i do work alone and really really really care of details and satisfaction of my customers)

I always do MY BEST to reach a customer all the ways. Doesnt matter if i could get late a while if it means to deliver a better work.

But it happens to have customers who does ask for revisions or who claim to do not appreciate your work…just after the order is marked as complete.

I would be totally fine about refunding someone, for how much it could be frustrating for me since i do really spend a lot of time/creativity/energies on my projects, but what if this “refund” or this issue came after the order is closed and the customer did not even check or use the modifications request?

How should you usually act ?

Thank you in advance.

Do you offer revisions to your clients even if the order has been marked as complete? I would really just focus on communication to understand your buyer needs and deliver the best work possible. You can still process a refund even if the order was marked as complete as long as it is in the clearing period. Just go to “manage sales” “completed” look for the order and click on “resolution center” . There you can cancel the order.

Thank you! You told me something usefull.
Anyway, i offer to revise my work even after the deliver. This is why i trust that to change a name, or to move an element does not require too much time. But In this post im referring in particular of those time where a revision takes 30% or more of your work.

For minor revision i prefer to be always available, because i do care of each step of my work and i like to follow my customers even later, i assure that they will appreciate and be more generous in following requestes. But as said, this is another scenario =)

You should say in your gig if you will do revisions and how many.

If they want a refund without asking for modifications and you did the work the best you can tell them no refund.
If you are worried about bad feedback and that is the more important thing to you, give them a refund. It’s up to you.

Hi! I think i did not explain myself maybe. Or i can misunderstand your reply.
Im already increasing my gig value, step by step.

And i do charge for additional revision when a custome runs out of them.
But my actual concern is about a customer who did no use their right to ASK FOR REVISIONS but after the order were automatically marked as “done”, he did comunicate me via mailbox (here) that he’s not satisfied of my service/work.

So I was trying to collecting more opinions. Cause for how much i care and try to reach everyone, i think that is quite frustrating having someone complaining for the “wrong work” specially if you would have meet him in all the way but he did never ask for revision. This makes me feel like scammed you know?
Because i did the work, i also made a custom offer with major revision because i knew it was a different and complex work, but the buyer did not say anything else if not he’s not satisfied. So As said, i’m collecting opinions ans i wish to know more point of view on this kind of experiences!

Thank you so much for your reply anyway!

Thank you for your opinion. Actually he did not mention about anything. But i was wondering to know if it happens really often to others, to have customers coming to you after have left the order closing…and i was questioning about the common policy about this kind of experiences!

Thank you!

I have clients that do come back with changes even after the 3 days. This is very frustrating but I always make sure and try to fix whatever they are requesting. As @misscrystal said you can always revise your gig and charge for modifications. I think that would be the best thing to do in your case, and don’t be afraid to do so. If a buyer has a problem to pay for modifications than he should not be ordering from you in first place. Did you hear that Fiverr started offering a watermark preview for art work? Maybe you can just do a basic draft first and send it to the client for review before finishing the details??? But also if you just don’t want the headache it’s your choice to be able to cancel an order any time ;).

NO! Where can I read about this new watermark feature?

Anyway Thanks for your opinions. I always support my customers and they give me tips or shop more extra cause thankful of my costant support. so I wont stop to help them, this is in my nature. The problem is about a couple of clients and this happened after the last really heavy rush i had !
Thank you

Here you can read about the new feature:

Best of luck :wink:

You can insist on payment before you make the design.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! for sharing your experience