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Need Help and Suggestions

Hello All,
I received an order five days back, Buyer is offline since order was placed. To proceed on order, I wanted some information from her without which i can not proceed even one step.
since she is not online at all. I am afraid that it will go beyond delivery point and affect my Gig performance.
I approached for CS intervention to contact the buyer but they replied that they will look into within 10 days.

Please suggest me following :

  1. what further I should do to ensure my Gig performance is not ruined. Shall I approach Resolution centre or wait CS to revert…
  2. Is there any way to cancel the order without affecting my Gig performance.
    Thank you!!
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Hi, Is your order count time starting? Because if the buyer does not submit anything at all, the count will not start.

I don’t have so much experience in this matter. But I will give you a suggestion, you will think first, then do one of these:

  1. You can delivery a template work to buyer. When she will back, I think she will surely tell something about it. And also you will get option to do revision and further information to work with

  2. You can cancel the order directly, then when buyer came she will ask why you want to cancel or she will except cancellation offer. And you will not get any negative review.

No buyer has submitted the initial information and order has been started but while working on project I come to need of some more information that is necessary.

Yes I understand, these two ideas also coming to my mind but there could be two problems:

  1. If I send a template instead of complete order, then what if she file a complaint against me of being froud and not delivered the order.
  2. If I send cancellation request and she will not come online then in this case order will be canceled automatically after 48 hours and my profile will suffer.

Before covid19, when Fiverr customer support was so active, we can contact to support and asked them to cancel the order. But now the situation is different. We have to wait for supports reply, but you haven’t timed for that.
Wait and see what some expert advice you.

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Yes It’s a serious issue. Sorry to say I don’t know what to do now. :frowning_face: :frowning:

Just contact her and ask her for what you want. She isn’t going to come online unless she has a reason to. You haven’t given her one because you haven’t reached out with your question.

Think of it this way: why would she have been online? Buyers don’t come on Fiverr to hang out. They come when they want an order. She already has one.

It seems like you think she won’t get your message unless she is already online. It doesn’t work that way. She’ll get a notification if you message her.

Just because she isn’t hanging out online on Fiverr, that doesn’t at all suggest she isn’t serious about the work.

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No, I am not thinking that she is not answering my question intentionally that,s why I contacted the CS and asked them to contact her via mail or may be phone call so she can come online…

You have misunderstood.

She wouldn’t come online just for the sake of it. Why would she have been online to Fiverr unless she was looking for a new order?

She doesn’t need to be online to get your message. So just message her. Don’t bother CS with this. They aren’t your messaging service. If she doesn’t respond to you, she isn’t going to them.

“Online” means online on Fiverr in the app or website. It doesn’t mean on the web in general.

Why won’t you just message her? She’ll get a notification by email or a flag from the mobile app.

I don’t understand why you think she needs to have the app or website or app open to get your message. She doesn’t.


Suggestion #1 will get the seller warned for incomplete delivery. Please don’t give misleading information

#2 is better, but not much use if the buyer isn’t responding.

Do as @humanissocial is suggesting and message her - tell her you need the information immediately


Actually it’s been 5 days I am waiting for her and I have send her message.
All I want to know that how to cancel the order without affecting my order completion rate.

Only CS can do this…Keep in touch with fiverr CS and tell them you didn’t get any guideline for work and theres nothing you can do…
show them screen shots of your messages to your buyer and tell them its not your fault and they may consider this and would cancel the order without affecting you order completion rate…

May be you can also send Time extension request from resolution center ? I have seen this throws Email to buyer’s Email adress, this way your buyer would know thet you are calling her ?

You never mentioned in your post that you had already messaged her and she didn’t respond. You suggested that you hadn’t contacted her because she wasn’t online and your grievance was that she isn’t online, not that she isn’t responding. This is why communication must be clear. If we all misunderstood how you communicate, buyers will not understand you either.

I have a feeling you aren’t communicating effectively with your buyer.

Your grievance is that she isn’t responding not that that she isn’t online. Note the difference. Her online activity is irrelevant.


When buyer wasn’t responding fast enough for me, I did the work the way I wanted and let her know she had a revision where I would change anything she needed if given more instruction. It’s not the best, but it made sure I could deliver on time.

To my surprise, she ended up loving the work and accepted it as it was, though it wasn’t exactly what she originally envisaged. Mine had a good outcome, but the same may not be the case for you.

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No there is no miss communication from my side, problem is that This is a online work and I have to log in to some of her account for that she gave me log in details but when I tried to log in server it is asking for access permission from the owner. But she has not granted me the permission to log in yet and not answering at all.

You have misunderstood me again.

I’m saying you miscommunicated your grievance to us in the forum, NOT that you miscommunicated to your buyer.

You are repeatedly missing my point and I’m not going to explain it again. Your issue is that you don’t communicate clearly and don’t understand what people tell you. Until you fix that you are never going to resolve issues with buyers.

Miscommunication is also annoying. I shouldn’t have had to send three posts to you here to figure out what you meant to say. If it annoys me, it’s going to annoy buyers.