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Need help anyone

hello anyone can help me with a brochure nutrition education


just got my first order anyone can help me please

What do you mean? Do you need help completing your own order?

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Are you saying you do not know how to format a brochure or that you need content for the brochure? :thinking:

:one: Why are you offering a GIG that you don’t know how to complete?

:two: Are you expecting Sellers/competitors to help you for free?

:three: If you are seeking help, maybe hire a Seller to assist you.


@moya22 I just looked at your gig page. You do not have any gigs for creating brochures? You do, however, have a gig for writing health and nutrition articles. If your buyer ordered a brochure you need to tell him that is beyond the scope of your gig and that you will only write the article for the information to go in the gig.

However, if you made an offer in Buyer Requests to create a brochure about nutrition education then maybe you could take @nikavoice’s advice and work with a seller to make the brochue part for you.


Are you still planning to be active in this thread? You’ve received suggestions even though you didn’t leave much information. It would be nice if you would come back and participate, @moya22.

Also, read that before asking help:

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OP asked a question but appears to have gone missing.