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Need Help as New starter in Fiverr and also for new order on gig

Hi Everyone
I open my fiverr account on 4 months earlier and create 4 gig. 1st I did not know about fiverr gig marketing. After knowing gig marketing I had stated gig marketing through social media. After doing this I saw that my gigs view, impressions, clicks are increasing for certain time. Buyer request found but very little. I share my gigs once a week. After sharing gig get some views, impressions for that week. After that all are decreasing. I have doing same thing but not get any order or not get gigs in rank. I had gotten knock from few buyers but all the work is not match with my skill.s SO i refused them. So I’m confused about the whole process. I want to know how to success with my gig. Can any one suggest me about that issue. You can check my gig if any correction required. I have made my gig by following the different forum tips.



Your gigs are good and perfect but you should use short tittles. If your gigs view, impression and clicks decrease make some changes in your tittle, tags and description but not often wait some days and if not increase, remove your gig and replace with another gig.
Buyer request are usually shown on 5 AM 12 AM 1 PM 8 PM 11 PM.


Thanks for you nice advice. But one I have to know that the time you mention for buyer requests, is that time is fixed or may vary? is that time is GMT standard?

Not fixed but when I open buyer request on that time I find buyer request.

You should try on these timing, if you sent your 10 buyer request daily, your buyer requests will increase in showing.