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Need Help ASAP! Issue with order!


All right, so a client made an order - to be more precise 10.
The buyer bought the basic quantity 10 times which resulted in a massive order. Now here’s the issue, there’s no way I can get it done and the buyer provided details but hasn’t told me what he wanted. I’ve already requested more information and even opened a dispute for more time but the buyer hasn’t even responded once.
How do I deal with this? Do I wait (25 hours left)? Do I contact CS? If CS cancels order how bad does it affect my gig?


I would give him a few more hours to respond. If he doesn’t I would cancel the order through customer support.


All right, that’s the plan but how badly will it affect my gig and account in general? It’s a single order x 10 basic package.


Why would he order a basic gig 10 times? Just do the orders, all of them. This can affect your gig permanently if you cancel so many so quickly.


No idea. But it’s a single order that’s the issue. Any idea how much this would effect my ranking if CS cancels it?


Oh, it’s a single order, no big deal. Just cancel it. [I thought he made 10 separate orders]


The very thought is frightening.
I rather not cancel it going for a year of no cancellations. In all honesty, if I sacrificed my sleep I could get it done but I still need more info about the order.


Well do it then, ask for more time…ask for an extension.


I already did the buyer isn’t responding. I’ll wait till the 18-hour mark and then contact CS.


Don’t drive yourself too crazy about the cancellation. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. As long as you did everything on your part ( in your case, you reached out to the buyer to resolve the issue) you don’t have anything to worry about.


He didn’t get enough information from the buyer


If I were you I WOULD NOT cancel. Send an offer to extend the delivery time and do everything you can to complete the order, even if you deliver late. Late deliveries don’t hurt anywhere near as bad as mutual cancellations.

A late order is a papercut to your rankings. A cancellation, on the other hand, is like being attacked in your sleep by thirty lego men with machetes and box cutters.


Yeah Lego hurts a lot… :slight_smile:


That’s surprisingly graphic…but the issue is the buyer is unresponsive. Going to wait for the 18-hour mark and then contact CS.