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NEED_HELP@At present, i am really feelings depression about new order

Hi, I am a new seller on Fiverr about digital marketing. I have experienced more than 3 years, already done many works in my different local area but I can’t get an order in this marketplace. so please suggest me, how can I do…how to increase social signal? How to get an order?

I too much needy about that…
all specialist, please suggest me with my gigs if correction on my gigs…
This is my id …


Hello @shappiness

Please, annex all “Linked Accounts” to your Fiverr account. Every day you can send total 10 buyer requests from your account. Try to stay online 24 hours. Share your gigs on Social Media like Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn etc.

You can earn more orders by marketing and promoting your gigs. There are no hidden tricks for getting order. Be patient and Try heart and soul. At last, I would like to say, Good Luck!

From, Dhaka Bangladesh :bangladesh:

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You say you’re a digital marketer with experience of SEO - why not build your own landing page, using your SEO skills to then direct potential buyers to your gigs?


Thanks for your suggestions. I trust it can help me… Can you tell me about gigs promoting matters?

Hi offlinehelpers, at first take my cordial love with your suggestion. Yes, I have already started creating my own landing page, using my SEO skills, even almost done(special thanks )

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I think that LinkedIn now blocks Fiverr links. Too many sellers were blindly following the advice to advertise on various platforms (in other words, they were spamming), so some platforms have started to block them.