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Need Help: Buyer Completed 2 milestones and on the end of 3rd Milestone he says he is not satisfied

Hi All,

I am new here and started my work here just a month back. In last one month, I have received 8 orders and I have delivered 7 orders with 100% success but I am facing a serious problem on my last order.

One buyer placed an order 2 weeks back and I provided 3 milestones for 3 artworks for his game. He was communicating with me very nicely and always praised my work and how efficiently I am completing his designs. So, he completed 2 milestones with 2 artworks. I delivered the last milestone 3 days back and he was silent for 3 days. Suddenly, I wrote him a follow up message and he writes me back with a huge message that he is not satisfied with my work and none of the artworks will be of any help to his project.

It was like a shocking bomb over me after 2 weeks of hard work and dedication as he always liked my designs and completed 2 milestones. Now what just happened that he doesn’t like a single one of the designs? If he is not satisfied then why kept accepting the milestones?

I politely asked him that if he needs any modification in the design then I’ll do the needful but he is not responding and my design is in revision without any note of what to improve and as he was 3 days late, now my revision is showing 3 days late to submit.

I fear, it’ll get cancelled and I’ll lose all the money for the order.

Someone please suggest what to do.


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I have no experience yet on Fiverr - but from various accounts I’ve read on the forum, it seems like your buyer may be a scammer.

Think of it this way: if they aren’t happy with your first 2 artworks, they wouldn’t compliment them and stay quiet until the last milestone was reached. It was evident they wanted you to keep working until they got all the artworks before cancelling your gig with reasons such as “unsatisfactory results” or “late delivery”.

I’m not sure if CS can help as they are quite short-handed at the moment and may take awhile to reply. Perhaps the more knowledgeable members here could advise further.

Hi and thank you for your kind response.

I also thought of him as a scammer but then I checked his Fiverr profile and found that he is member since 2012 and have some feedback from sellers. He had his last 2 feedback posted a week back with 5 star rating and I am now totally confused.

As per Fiverr rules, I should get paid for 2 milestones as he marked completed but I don’t know what kind of game he’d play here. I am totally novice in such situations.

As per the TOS as well, they are not supposed to cancel based on quality of gigs as long as the gigs were delivered as described on your gig page.

Maybe err… @imagination7413 could advise on this? I have faith in their suggestions. :joy:

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Hi yes I read the same in the terms & condition. So lets see. I am also writing a mail to the customer care and will also write to the profile you have mentioned.

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

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I think you can wait for them since I mentioned them here. Not sure if people like a direct message out of the blue. :joy:

haha yes, I’ll write later in the day. Lets see my other methods work.



Not quite. Maybe…

That was closer, but still not…


Can Milestone orders be cancelled?
Yes, but a Milestone within an order or Milestone orders can only be cancelled through Customer Support for valid reasons.

Okay, so, at this point it’s a matter of proving you’ve completed the order to the full scope, have matched the quality of the work shown in your gig, and haven’t violated anything in the ToS.

You said you’ve already reached out to CS, too?

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So, I have checked the rules and I should get payment as he accepted 2 of my milestones. I have done what he asked for and every detail is in our conversation. The matter of fact that I am able to provide the scope or not is null and void as he already marked complete 2 designs of mine. But for your information, yes he always kept saying he loves working with me and praised my design. So, now its obvious that something has changed in his mind or even his project and somehow he wants to bring a blow on my head. Though he is taking full blame that its his mistake that he couldn’t make me understand what he wants in actual but also an indirect slap on my face that I failed to achieve his expectation as an artist.

I haven’t write to customer support yet as I sent the client a revised version yesterday and after that I was expecting a response but so far nothing. So, I am going to write to customer care today.