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Need help - buyer did not follow the gig rules


I need some advice from the community. A buyer bought my app review gig and then informed me that the app itself costs $6.60 USD. My gig clearly states that I will review FREE apps for $5 and has a gig extra for apps less than $5, which is another $5. The buyer bought the gig and the gig extra, but technically that is not sufficient, since the app costs more. The buyer already thinks that they are doing ME a favor because they think their app is useful and amazing. However, I am not willing to review it for net profit of $1.40 since I think my time is worth more than that.

How do I handle this? I was thinking of emailing the buyer back and kindly explaining that they did not follow the gig rules. At that point they will most likely need to cancel. Cancelation gone wrong (with a happy buyer!) is how I lost one start over a year ago and I am still recovering from me. I don’t want this to happen again.


Communication with the customer’s key here. Explain that the app costs more than your Gig stipulates and because of that you can’t make a profit. Best thing is to ask for another Gig to cover the difference.

I am assuming you had no prior communication with the buyer before ordering, else you would’ve had the time to explain the problem beforehand…


"Thanks for your order, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I am unable to proceed unless you provide me with the correct number of gigs. In this instance three gigs are required to complete the work requested. Thanks for your time, looking forward to hearing from you soon"

Then put through a mutual cancellation if they do not do as asked. Don’t get into any more back and forth about why their app is so good etc.


Thank you both! Yes, the buyer did not contact me in advance.


One nice thing to remember, if you can get a mutual cancellation it no longer negatively effect your status. (Remember, it’s only mutual cancellation, any other kind will still ding you.) So if you have to ask for cancellation it isn’t too bad.

Good luck!


Yes I agree with theslack mutual cancellations are the best way to go just make sure include why in the box provided when you choose that. I have had to do it before stating that I do not have the money to buy anything outright. You may also want to post a disclaimer to let people know that if they ask you to pay even if their willing to buy a gig extra that it cannot be done and will be mutually canceled.