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Need Help Buyer harassing me on other platforms even after cancelling order and getting a refund


Hope everyone is doing well.

I have contacted CS regarding this and I can’t seem to get any help! It’s been 10 days and no reply! Aren’t we human as sellers? Or are buyers the only gods? This is really not fair. Very disappointed.

They are constantly contacting me and trying to make it sound like even after the money was returned to them they didnt get what they want! How can someone be so resentful and send threats!

It’s really frustrating as I guess the client has a misunderstanding and a language barrier is just creating more confusion!

How can I get through this! Its been days!
Its really disappointing. :frowning: :’(


Did you block him on other platforms?

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@mariashtelle1 I blocked them here. Blocked them on the other platforms too but they keep making new profiles!!!

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Report them also on other platforms and do not engage with them.


This is stalking and criminal what they are doing

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I doubt that Fiverr Customer Support can do much about someone stalking you elsewhere.


Keep blocking them! I hope I won’t ever meet buyers like these :frowning:

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No, but the local police appartment. Stalking is not funny. It can ruin peoples life.


@catwriter but atleast they can take some action on the profile here so others dont face the same :frowning:

Also, how come a buyers profile shows they are from a particular place but their timezone in chat shows a different timezone? any idea what these type of buyers are! I’m very scared now to even accept orders.

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It’s up to you to call the police, Fiverr won’t do it for you.

Yes, they can ban that profile. And the buyer can create a new one.

A few possible explanations:

  1. Fiverr showing the time wrong. It happens.

  2. Buyer is traveling. They have registered their profile while in one time zone, now they’re somewhere else.

  3. Buyer is using VPN to fake their location. Some people use VPN for privacy reasons, others, to fake something.

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Great. @catwriter I guess I will just stay away.

You’re absolutley right. I also never told that fiverr has to do this. :+1: :smiley: :crazy_face: