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Need Help! Buyer is disrespecting me and requests order cancellation

I have only two days to accept the cancellation request. What if they don’t reply me within this time period?

In 2nd you rejected the cancellation request, And request to your buyer please wait 1 to 2 days more i submit cancellation request to CS they response back asap!

Will CS help me or respond to me positively?

I would recommend just accepting her’s cancellation request. You could get in bigger trouble than now. If you got your delivered on time percentage above 90%, there’s no problem whatsoever.

But she has two orders? Will they affect my profile two times more?

Arnukas maybe you right if she accept it her level goes down this will also hardly effect on her profile so according to my 3 year experience contact with CS and request them to please see the situation.

How much order you complete in last 60 days? Or how much complete in a last week?

100% order completion, 100% rating. Everything is 100%. Currently, 13 orders are in the queue. Will these orders overcome this damage?

Two cancellations will not affect you. As you have mentioned your stats are good.
And the CS will contact you in a few days.

I am sorry I don’t have much experience with social media management, but why don’t you try to discuss with them what they really need & let them know that to give the best solution you need to understand their product/service.

I have had similar clients who are hard to please & who stress you out, but I somehow overcame them with proper communication.

I tried everything. But it seems she doesn’t want to talk on anything.

If you’ve already fulfilled the order accurately to your gig, I suspect that she might be trying to get this content for free based on the fact that she’s refusing to work with you on revisions. At this point it comes down to whether or not you’re more worried about your rating, or your cancellation rate. Personally, I think your cancellation rate will greatly improve, especially with how many orders you have.

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@invaderroxas what will you suggest me to do?

If they were expensive orders, honestly I would stick your ground. She may give you a bad review, two to boot, but you can always explain the situation via seller response. However if these orders are on the lower end, I would honestly just accept the cancellations. Making a dent in your cancellation rate for a bit might just save you the headache, plus with how many orders you have in the queue, it would only be a matter of time before it goes up again.

Honestly up to you, though I would be curious as to what CS’ response would be.

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I have 13 orders in the queue. One order costs $80 and the other one costs $10. I am more disturbed because there are two orders. I don’t know what will be side effects of cancellation of two orders.

In that case, I wouldn’t cancel. I took a look at your profile and you’ve already got a bunch of stellar reviews already, so even if she does give you two bad reviews, you got dozens that say otherwise. Especially with the order cost considered (not to mention the time you put into the project), now I’d consider rejecting the cancellation request and waiting for CS input. If you submitted all the work up to par, she’s got no case for rejecting revisions like that.

This is from your gig. You are saying that you are content writer and a proofreader. You are also offering content writing services as part of social media management.
And I totally don’t understand how you can do that when your post here on the forum and your comments are barely readable and written in a poor English.
I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why your client is unsatisfied.

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@invaderroxas thanks

agreed - some clients give us lesson of improvements., always take negative comments as guidance. I am not expert but planning to become seller on fiver soon. thanks

Yes, but it will reset after 60 days

She said that she is running out of time. The support will most likely not respond in less than 2 days, so it would be a waste of time contacting CS.