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Need Help! Buyer is disrespecting me and requests order cancellation

Yes, but it will reset after 60 days

She said that she is running out of time. The support will most likely not respond in less than 2 days, so it would be a waste of time contacting CS.

@arnukas what about my level? Will, I demoted to level 1 from level 2?

Does this mean you posted on her social media without approval first? If so, your buyer has a right to feel peeved …

The next evaluation is on July 15th, so you got 2 weeks to higher your order completion percentage.

If you got order completion rate from 90% to 100%, you will not get demoted. However, if you are 89% order completion or below, you could get demoted.

@arnukas But on the order completion rate tab, it is mention ‘complete 90% of your order over the course of 60 days’ what does that mean? Does it mean complete 90% of orders over the course of 60 days? if yes, then why they demoted me on this 15 July?

You must complete minimum of 90% of orders throughout 60 days