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Need Help - Buyer is having issues while paying

Hi All,

I am in a dilemma and thought of putting my experience here.

I had joined Fiverr very recently and was lucky to get a contact with buyer who wanted help on service.

Now, the work he wanted was in word and I created the offer which he was not able to accept since he was having payment issues. But he wanted the work urgently so I trusted him and delivered the work.

I am not sure why Fiverr is not able to resolve his payment issues since its been more than 15 days already. While following up with him related to payment he told me not to shame him repeatedly and that he will pay me once his issue is resolved.

At this point I really don’t know what to do since I don’t want to lose a future client who may give work to me and also what if he is really having payment verification with Fiverr. (I really hope he is truthful)

Please help me with any suggestions.

Thank you so much.


That is a big no-no. You may have been scammed.


And therefore, you are the favorite target of scammers. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is one of the scams that is used on new sellers.

Because it is not a Fiverr payment issue, it is an issue with your buyer alone.

More than likely, he is not. :roll_eyes:

Never deliver work to a client unless they have booked a gig. I am sorry to say more than likely you worked for free.

I doubt he will give you any work in the future unless it is work where he once again wants you to trust him and deliver it via the inbox. Please don’t do it!


Yeah. Never do work without an order in place. Unfortunately, it sounds like the buyer did scam you.

And even if he did have issues with payment, he should have gone to CS first. If this happens again, advise the buyers to do just that. You may lose out on orders because “they need it urgently,” but better that than giving them free work.

Sorry this happened to you. All you can do is take this as a learning experience.


@jephu100 @vickiespencer @maddisont
Thank you for replying so quickly :slight_smile:
Its really a good advice and a lesson learnt for me.

Please advise by looking at the conversation if I should block him or should I tell him to reach CS before ending up the conversation with this buyer.

Thank you again.

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I don’t think there is must CS can do for you honestly.

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There’s no need to block the guy, really, but it is very likely that you won’t be paid. I’d tell the guy to follow up with CS, and if nothing was resolved in a week, just let it go and never do anymore work for him. Though a part of me does wonder if he’s not a scammer but really having issues, especially since he hasn’t just blocked you.


Thank you for your message.
Is there a way to know if someone has blocked you?

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You won’t be able to message them anymore. It’ll have something at the bottom of the messaging integration that says user can’t be contacted anymore. You also won’t be able to click on his profiles or gigs.

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he is seller on fiverr how there will be payment issue he is not going to pay you please first send offer if he accept do work otherwise straight “No” your hard work is not free

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which work you did for him ?


Thank you really!
I understand he is a seller too by looking at his profile.

I worked for to create custom fields in Word document which I think was a contract.


For how much $$ you did this work ? I really feel bad for his behavior I will help you for this loss

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if you don’t mind please

Above is the screenshot, and I delivered the work within 6 hours (hadn’t sleep because he wanted the delivery urgently)

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“First release your amount”?
Well looks like that your client decided to resell your work and instead of paying you from his pocket he decided to be tricky and pay you only after he will be paid and pending money will be cleared.


Thank you.
This is another feedback which is making me think before I respond to him again.

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I wanted to thank all of the community members here.
I am really learning new things and how to use Fiverr in a better way.
I think that I will make new friends here and it will be a continuous learning journey for me.

Thanks again for responding so quickly and giving feedback that matters.

I do appreciate all the help and offers and I wish all the best for all the Fiverr community members.

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