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NEED HELP buyer requests

so does anyone else get this.

I’ve been on fiverr about a year now.

and its happened maybe twice when I first started where people would order things that really have nothing to do with my gig, first times I done the jobs because I needed more gigs completed and ratings to boost my profile up.

but recently got one in my environmental concepts gig for industrial design.

first of the guy ordered my gig straight away without messaging disregarding any prices I listed for art expecting industrial design work I mean he wanted 3 full building floor plans and interior designs for everything for only 5 dollars which is insane.

I sent him a cancellation notice and explained why its not in my skill set at all and directed him to a few interior design artist’s on fiverr, but what if he doesn’t accept ?

what am I supposed to do can I contact fiverr support about it ? how long will I have to wait ect…