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Need Help Buyers Buy Gig and Ask for Something That is Clearly Not Gig-What to Do?


I have a gig for screenplay and TV loglines. I am clear in what I will do and I have a note in Bold that this gig is for loglines for screenplays and TV pilots. I wouldn’t mind if a buyer messaged me and asked if I wanted to do something else but Buyers keep buying the Gigs and asking for something that is totally outside of what is offered. I don’t want to keep racking up cancellations and some Buyers have been very rude and unhappy about me not doing what they want. I have had this problem on one of my other Gigs and the Buyer refused to cancel the Gig and Fiverr had to step in and cancel.

Any recommendations other than saying please email first if you want something different from the Gig? The customers that buy the Gig for what it offers have all been very happy. I don’t want to disappoint customers but I also don’t want to get trapped in Gigs that are not what I offered and have been much more work and time than the original Gig.


What I usually do when I seem to get a lot of random unrelated buyers is switch categories. I had a lot of bad experiences putting my gigs in the “other” categories in the past despite a major increase in orders. Maybe the category your’e in is too broad and your title isn’t detailed enough(most buyers don’t read beyond the title, unfortunately.) Something to consider. Maybe even changing a few tags around may help to weed things out.

In regards to someone that has already ordered, maybe make an extra around what they are asking and tell them they would have to place the extra or you’ll have to cancel the order.


writergeek, I totally understand what you are speaking about. This has happened to me countless times and usually the buyer is of the opinion that what they ordered is indeed what you said you would deliver. My former method for dealing with it was simple but I began to realize that it may not have been that great since Fiverr displays your cancellation rate publicly. Currently what I have begun to do is simple try to reason with the buyer while exercising patience and appreciating the fact that this could of happened to anyone. Hope I helped.


Thanks guys for trying to help! The Gig is in a specific category and the title is specific also. The tags all say screenplay, script etc. Most of the people that buy the Gig for something else have indicated that they knew what they were doing-they just wanted something else and decided to do it anyway.

One person said they knew it was for a screenplay logline but they wanted one for their novel. Instead of the one page synopsis that was specified in the Gig and the instructions of what to submit, they sent a 400 page novel that they expected me to read. When I tried to work something out- i.e. more gigs for reading a 400 page book etc. they became angry and said I was trying to cheat them. Seriously.

I have been trying to avoid excessive cancellations but there doesn’t seem to be any other way to deal with this. I added a note to all my gigs to please message first but all the buyers who have ordered when they wanted something different have ignored that.

Not really sure that there is anything else I can do beyond adding a note that if they order the Gig for some other reason without first getting approval by message that I will have to ask to cancel the Gig-but that seems so off putting for the customers that actually want to buy the service I’m offering.


Same Problem.
Please Share how can we Ask Fiverr to Step in when there are Issues with Order on the Buyer’s Side and No response or Inappropriate response from the Buyer.
My Ranking was effected even when i asked the Buyer and he/she cancelled the order (there was 1 day extend delivery).

Thanks for Putting this Post.