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Need help, Buyers read please!

Hey guys I have very often similar problem:

people order gig for example banner.

When I deliver work they ask for modification. Well okay small modification not a big problem BUT what people do is: They ask different design. Okay for new buyer will do in order to get 5 stars…

BUT this guys start ask me to do more and more modifications(designs)… In order to get more banners for free…

I ask them to to pay extra money on Fiverr but they tell me following: If I will not do this work they will put negative rating to me or cancel order.

I have already few buyers like this… How to prevent this situations?

Reply to @gailbunning: yes you are 100% right!

Sorry this is happening to you (and other sellers). People are insert expletive here sometimes. Thankfully most of my experiences here have been good. I’ve run into a few strange people with very unrealistic expectations, but I’m quite firm in what I will and won’t do.

Forward the messages to fiverr Customer Support and hopefully they can take action.

Reply to @alysmcdonough: well you see I provide really quality service and I have good buyers here who order from me very often… but sometimes appear such situations :frowning:

@tipstricks3315: You could try clearly stating your revision policy in your gig description. How many revisions you offer, what is revision and what isn’t. That way you can point it out to those who try to get more than they paid for.

Also, if a buyer threatens you with a negative feedback, you can politely inform them that they’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, because that sort of behavior is forbidden. You can report them to Customer Support for that.

It Happen to all of us - also those people threaten us to give negative feedback which they did!

Anyway just forget those client and focus on your work and try to provide quality and fast work to all (that i did)

Hope it help you

Contact Support, they will gladly fix the issue.

Very sad! It should be fixed…

Hi, Guys want to share my experience on this case:

  1. Try to put as much as possible information in your GIG description.
  2. Try to solve problem with your buyer.
  3. If step 2 not helps you have 2 options now:
    1. Cancel order - you will not make money in this case - but you will not receive an negative review from bad buyer.
    2. Try to contact Fiverr support team if nothing not works…

I thing contact support team should be last step because they are full of work with similar cases and other problems… and need to try to solve problem with buyer directly and if nothing not works then ask Fiverr team for help…

Good luck everyone and profits!


I find it insane that we have to cancel because they want redos. My gig is VERY clear and I repeat what a revision is over and over and people still ask for more then they’re entitled to. They basically win then. They get a free banner or whatever and we’re out even then 4.00. Stinks.