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Need help! Can anyone help me

hello Fiverr foram, i hope everyone well i’m Ankan Mondol a graphic designer and level 1 seller, i do provide graphic related work on this sector, i delivery on time, get order (old buyer) however, there is no improvement in my gig, there on the last page, i can’t even get the message from the new buyer :disappointed: can anyone check my gig and can anyone tell if there is any problem in my gig? please, anyone help me :pray: .Thanks

gig link -


Hi Ankan, If your gig has reached the last page it may be because you edited your gig and it doesn’t match the keywords you search for/ buyers search for, Plus, social media banners is Very VERY popular, over 50k+ services for social media banners. So try to put good tags(do some research) and upgrade your SEO title I noticed a few things to correct in your gig,
In your packages, please remove unlimited revisions, this can cause you to get scammed by a cilent if you think i’m lying search “unlimited revisions” here in the forum,
In your gig’s description: “No tension! you come to the right place!” could be " Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place!", " My name is Ankan Mondal , a Professional Web UI & Expert Graphic Designer! since in 2018." should be corrected to " My name is Ankan Mondal. I have been a Professional Web UI & an Expert Graphic Designer since 2018"
Hope this helps on getting new buyers!

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thanks for information sir

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