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Need help! can you guys pls guide me?


3 days and no order what’s wrong?


Hi @iamhaider,

Be patience… You will get your first order…

Take a look at the fiverr academy. You will find there a lot of tips and tricks;)
And promote your gig(s) on social media like twitter and facebook.




Hey @davegerrits
Thank you so much. :blush:


No thanks mate! you’re welcome.


I’m new as well (So I don’t know how helpful I can be), you could put a link to the gig in your profile? :slight_smile: Maybe we can help you more if we know what you do.


Hi @snowmelody
Didn’t get you ? :slight_smile:


Click on Dave and my profile picture. Can you see how there is a globe with a link to our page? :slight_smile: If you do that too we can see your gigs and maybe help you more!


I got it. @snowmelody


I don’t see a problem with your gigs. So the problem might be the promoting, or the lack of.


I don’t know what is Fiverr ranking factor. @snowmelody