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Need Help! Cancellation OR Wait?


3 days ago one of my buyers bought a Gig without prior message. I need additional files from him to finish the task. But he did not reply till today. I showed the order delivered to avoid LATE and threw a message “Because of the timeline I am now showing the order delivered. When you forward the rest files I will finish those too. Now I am delivering 8 files which you gave.” Also I opened a dispute to extend the timeline for additional 2 days.
Now the problem is the buyer just now requested for revision and again saying he can’t provide the rest files now as today is his holiday. The order showing “LATE”. Again I have opened a dispute requesting him to extend timeline for 3 more days but he is not accepting yet.
What should I do? Wait for the rest files? Or cancel? If I request for mutual cancellation, will it affect my Gig?

Pls need suggestion.


just wait for him, when he see it he will accept it for sure. as you said today is his holiday.
also I have the same late message with a person that have placed an order without any info. I did almost the same as you are but with no answer and I see him online sometimes. yesterday I have sent a cancellation request. I don’t see any other option if I didn’t get any answer.
is it going to affect my gig, I don’t know but I’m sure that since you already got his message that he will accept it, you told him why so just be patient

and sorry for the message above, I somehow skipped part of your message :smiley:


It is worse, in my opinion, to deliver late than it is to cancel, so I’d cancel.


Actually late due to buyer’s unresponsiveness. So, your suggestion is to go for mutual cancellation?


Customer Support could help you with this if you can show that the buyer is being unresponsive/unable to give you the files. Not sure though, you did violate the TOS a little bit with the non-delivery, which might create problems for you

That said, I don’t think lateness on modifications/revisions is counted, so might as well wait for slowcoach to give you the files. FWIW, I had a couple of late modifications today (I’m talking about no more than a day over the order due to the buyers requesting it after the original deadline passed) and my late delivery rate hasn’t changed.

All in all, ball’s in your court. Think he will give you a bad review despite this hot mess being all his fault?


Only you can decide what’s best for you, but if it was me, I’d cancel with a nice polite message saying he can order again when he’s ready.


Okay, if I go for requesting “Mutual Cancellation” will it affect my Gig rating or anything else?


Maybe? I don’t know. Late delivery definitely will.

All I know re: cancellation is that I have what some would consider a high cancellation rate but I’m still on the first page of the searches (or I was yesterday, who knows what the random search ranking generator has done today).


Never be late for any reason! Cancel it. Tell customer support what happened.


This late due to buyer’s asking for revision after the due date. He was very unresponsive.
Okay, If I go for requesting “Mutual Cancellation” will it affect my Gig rating or anything else?


@sumon770 Don’t worry about it. Do a mutual cancellation. He will probably not respond.

I would simply get customer support to cancel it. You cannot live in fear of doing a cancellation when you have to.


Thanks a lot.:slight_smile:


You can also file a dispute when de buyer doesn’t provides you with the complete information in order to do your job. You should have used this one from the get go.


When an order is marked as LATE, you have 24 more hours to deliver otherwise you will get an automatic negative review.
Also the customer has a right to cancel the order and therefore, leaving a negative review too in that LATE time frame.


i long as i have experienced revisions now does not have any time issue once you provided the first delivery if time remains it will start ticking in revision but if it’s over its gone when revision is requested by buyer.
however i will suggest to wait because cancelations of order no matter what reason it is will effect the profile so in waiting yiur not losing anything. :grin:


I have heard that being late I need to submit within 24 hours again or else I will get negative review. How come! Buyer again not responding for more than 24 hours.
So, no way but to cancel.


Actually I was not late but the buyer replying late. I think fiverr here needs to work on making some change! First of all this order was created without consulting me. Then I did not get enough info/files to work on.
So, I actually fall in a hole by my bad luck!


@sumon770 I can understand how frustrating it is when buyer doesn’t respond & requests revision at the last minute. What to do, some buyers are like that.

Well, I noticed that you delivered 8 files & your order is in LATE status due to his revision request. If I was in your situation, & if I delivered majority of the work he requested, I would mark the order as delivered. Explain him that you did your best based on the details you received from him & in order to full fill his other requirements he has to send you the additional files & you need extra time. Also inform him that you are here to help him & ask him to send you the required files so you can do those & send him back the complete work.

At this point don’t worry about the mutual cancellation, because when the order is in Late status we cannot request for mutual cancellations. Also at this point buyer is entitled to cancel his order. So I think best thing to do is re-deliver your order. If he sends you the required details, you can do the remain task. If he didn’t reply then the order will be marked as completed automatically within a stipulated time.

Also please refer this article for more details about Order status: