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NEED HELP! delivered work not getting linked to my gig


Hello every one, I am facing a issue with my fiverr gig…Till now I have completed around 40 order delivery…But only 4 of them got attached (automatically) to my gig profile…I am not sure what is the issue…where it is going wrong…Whenever some one ask me to show my previous work I cannot even ask them to view my profile (as the work is not attached there) :(…Those 4 delivered works that got attached to my profile are very random and does not have any similarities…

Is there any one else who is also facing the same issue?

Please help me out what should I do to rectify this problem…


Work that shows up in your profile = work that shows up in your live portfolios of different gigs = needs buyer’s permission for showing up


Thank you show for shedding light on this fact…I had no idea about permission thing…


When you deliver your work the buyer has the option to deny that it gets put on your profile. There is a box that they can “un” check.

Just like if you were working in the real world on your own as a freelancer, you should always have a customers permission to post their work for your advertising purposes.